When the challenge is in progress -- China National High School will hold the 2021-2022 FBLA Global High School Business Academic Challenge intramural Competition

Author:Lixiaodan Release time:21/11/24

Business is a major favored by many high school students. Facing outstanding applicants from all over the world, how can we apply to improve the possibility of admission? After years of continuous investigation and exploration, the economics group of our school has created perfect extracurricular activities for students, including some high-quality competition activities.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is one of the largest student career development organizations and Business literacy education organizations in the world. It is also the most influential Business competition among high schools in the United States. A total of 250,000 high school students and nearly 3,000 high schools participate in the competition every year. FBLA China has been running FBLA China competitions since 2015, forming a unique teaching and research teaching system, helping nearly 100 schools across the country to establish and operate FBLA programs, and more than 3,000 students participate in FBLA China activities and competitions every year. In August this year, the economics group of our school attended the second meeting of FBLA China Hubei Regional Council and joined FBLA China Hubei Regional Council for the 2021-2022 academic year, becoming the official examination center of the organization.

At 7:00 PM on November 23rd, under the unified organization of economics Group and Curriculum Office, our school successfully held the 2021-2022 FBLA Global High School Business Academic Challenge on-campus competition. A total of 22 students from grade 20 participated in the competition. After signing up, students will study according to the official review guide sent by the official. Each student is required to take business (1 hour, 100 objective multiple choice questions) + Economics (1 hour, 50 material multiple choice questions). The 22 students took the business optional exam in banking and financial systems, business management and data analysis. (Contributed by Cheng Jin)