Burn the spark of thinking, enjoy the fun of Mathematics -- The Australian Mathematical Thinking Challenge of NATIONAL High school achieved good results

Author:Lixiaodan Release time:21/11/22

A total of 61 students took part in the Australian Mathematical Thinking Challenge (AMC) 2021. We have won 1 first prize (High Distinction), 11 second prize (Distinction), 24 third prize (Credit) and 22 mathematics Skills awards (Proficiency)!

The Australian Mathematical Association (AMT), founded by Peter O 'Halloran, a famous Australian mathematician, is one of the authoritative academic institutions in the world. The AMT selects Australia's national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad each year through the Australian Mathematical Thinking Challenge AMC.

AMC is the world's oldest inter-school mathematical thinking challenge. With innovative questions and multi-language questions, math lovers around the world can have in-depth exchanges in the field of mathematics, learn together, and deeply understand the importance of mathematics in life.

The process of participating in various academic competitions is also a process of connecting with international education. More important than awards, it is to build self-confidence and find interest in learning through competitions. Guogao students have gained a lot in this competition. Congratulations to the winners again! At the same time, I hope that more students will bravely participate in the future and challenge themselves!