Youth pursuing Dreams and leading by example -- NCCU held the mid-term summary and commendation conference in the fall semester of 2021

Author:Lixiaodan Release time:21/11/19

In order to commend advanced students, set up models, create a strong learning atmosphere and encourage students to forge ahead, on the afternoon of November 19th, THE mid-term summary and commendation conference of autumn 2021 was held in the concert hall. The conference was hosted by Mr. Duan Yuanjun and Mr. Duan Chaohong. All teachers and students attended the conference.

After li Xingyuan, director of the curriculum Office, read out the decision of the commendation meeting, the host read out the list of students who had excellent performance in the mid-term exam, and congratulated the students who had won the prize. In the grand award ceremony, the school leaders gave prizes to the students and took photos for them.

At the meeting, outstanding student representatives Ruan Ruiqi and Gao Shuyang shared their experience in the learning process. Their unique and profound insights, confident and high posture, and humorous display made the audience applaud continuously.

In the end, the principal Li Hongnian made a comprehensive summary of the students' learning in the early stage and put forward specific suggestions, both rational strength and teachers' temperature, which gave students excellent guidance and great encouragement.

This commendation conference, inspired the students to be the first consciousness, set off a new round of learning climax. I hope you will follow the example of the honorees and continue to live up to your youth.