Fire knowledge into campus -- National high School held autumn and winter fire safety training

Author:Lixiaodan Release time:21/11/17

In order to improve the school staff fire safety awareness, do a good job in the autumn and winter fire safety education, master the ability of fire self-rescue, strengthen the construction of campus safety, on the morning of November 17th, all teachers of our school participated in the autumn and winter fire safety training.

The fire knowledge training by Yichang City Ming 'an fire training center Xi Qian instructor, he around the "enhance the four ability of the fire" theme for a vivid speech.

In training, the instructor lists recent case, by case combination with practice, introduces how to prevent fire accidents, units, which should be necessary in the home fire tools and how to use these fire tools, different kinds of use what kinds of fire extinguishers, fire accident when and how to eliminate fire safety knowledge, such as effective escape And through demonstration and interactive way to deepen teachers' understanding and impression.

The instructors' simple and humorous explanations benefit the teachers a lot. The fire safety training not only strengthened the fire safety awareness of all teachers in National High School, made everyone realize the importance and necessity of fire knowledge, but also improved the practical operation skills of teachers' fire tools.