International high schools welcome a new round of international competitions

Author:Lixiaodan Release time:21/11/12

In order to cultivate and develop students' mathematical thinking ability, longpanhu International High School successfully obtained The authorization of UKMT (The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) in early October through previous efforts, as well as creating a richer and more powerful academic background for overseas university applications. It has become the official test site for mathematics competitions under its organization.

On the afternoon of November 10th, under the unified organization of curriculum Office, our school successfully held the first SMC(Senior Mathematics Challenge) competition. According to the official regulations, the competition was conducted in the form of online examination, and a total of 28 students participated in the competition.

SMC focuses on reasoning, precision thinking, and fluency in solving mathematical problems using basic mathematical skills. The first 1000 students will be eligible to compete in the BMO (British Mathematical Olympic Round1) Mathematical olympiad.