Speaking under the national flag: how to better face international exams?

Author:Wanghan Release time:21/01/04

On January 4th, Mr. Chen Jin, with the theme of "How to Face International Tests Better", gave the speech under the national flag of this week:

Dear classmates, good morning, it is my honor to share with you the first speech under the national flag of 2021. The topic of today's speech under the national flag is "How to face the exam better?" . During the three years of study in an international school, each of us has to take about 25 formal international exams. As the head of the thinking affairs of our school, I would like to make some suggestions for you who are about to take the exams:

The first is "resignation". Some students will certainly say whether this word is negative, but I think it is not negative, it is objective, it is to tell yourself "in peacetime, you insist on", now the most afraid of is to fight chicken blood, let you work hard, that is counterproductive. At present, there are three days to two weeks left for different exams. If you haven't learned anything in half a semester, don't expect to learn it in one more week, and don't expect to learn it in one more week if you can't do it. Some students are thinking, there is still time, there are also clearly some content will not be, why not seize the time to understand them? Because that's the wrong way of thinking. It may be possible to understand the individual problem, but it doesn't really help, and what's really bad is that the greed of the moment leads to unrealistic hopes, so that we don't get what we should have. From what I have seen in the past about international exams, except for a few exceptions, most of them are about what they are at ordinary times and what they are at the end of the day. The most important thing is to keep a good exam mentality.

Second, save the watermelon. There are many points for any exam, and the number of points will vary for different levels of students. This is the watermelon that anyone can get, it has to be 100 percent protected, 95 percent protected, 99 percent protected is not enough. A lot of people send points of the topic lost points, and then simply say that they are careless. In fact, it is irresponsible to attribute the cause to carelessness. There are deep reasons behind carelessness. If you don't understand this, you may not only do well in the exam, but also do poorly in your future work. There are several reasons for carelessness:

The basic content seems simple, but in fact, it is not mastered at all. Of course, on the point of time now, can only be made up in the exam, make up for the way in the following countermeasures will be mentioned.

I have a bad habit of doing problems. Many seemingly unified problems do wrong, is because the habit is not good. For example, the most common bad habit is to omit unnecessary steps, or the most common bad habit is to take things for granted and do what you want without even understanding the question thoroughly.

The way to do the problem is wrong, always feel that the first time finished can come back to check, in fact, if the first time made a mistake, the possibility of finding the error when checking is not big, because people will have preconceived views.

There are many reasons for carelessness, but I won't list them all here. There are two ways to deal with it. Spend more time on the questions that must be scored, see the questions clearly, understand the meaning, and try to do it right once. For example, the calculation of Young's modulus in physics, the drawing of vectors, the calculation of oblique throw motion, and the question and answer of Newton's theorem of motion to explain the phenomenon of motion. Take the extra time to make sure you don't make mistakes on simple, but perhaps less understandable questions.

Write down a set of habits and norms that you need to follow when you do a variety of problems, and then deliberately train yourself to follow the norms and habits that become natural when you do problems. For example, in sports questions, the steps to analyze the question are, if there is a change in motion, you increase the speed, you analyze the combined force through acceleration, and then you further analyze how the forces that make up the combined force change.

Of course, some people might say that if you spend time on the easy problems, you won't have time to do the hard ones. In fact, if you admit the first "accept fate" just said, believe that you can not get what is not you, then don't spend too much time on those things that may not be able to get, many people do not do well in the exam, not the final difficult problems did not do well, but should not be wrong to do wrong questions. Many people covet one or two points that do not belong to them, but lose more points in the end.

Third, don't be confrontational. Although most exam papers range from easy to difficult, each person's level of proficiency varies from section to section, so it is common to get stuck in the middle. Encounter this kind of situation, want resolute escape past. Especially good students, always hope that they do the problem smoothly, in the middle of every problem can be solved through thinking, one breath to do the last. But no student is too good to run into trouble. A correct goal setting is important, and a good strategy is designed around this reasonable goal.

Fourth, keep heat, although said before a few days to improve the test scores to help is not big, should be relaxed, but excessive relaxation can let a person excitement, and competition and examination of this kind of thing is in need of some degree of excitement, therefore, before the final days what or how, keep a habit that their way of life.

In this period of nervous exam season, believe that will also be able to get the support of our teachers and parents, when any difficulties arise, we will together with you, beat the problem, rather than stand and problems, beat you, when you need us, we will make life accompany, the provider of resources, problems of light, the failure of the palm. When we are not needed, we will be calm spectators, cheers for growth, and appreciators of achievement. Every international exam will bring us closer to our dreams. In the end, I wish all the students can achieve their desired results in the final international exam.