Be interesting -- speak under the national flag

Author:Wanghan Release time:20/11/30

On November 30th, after the solemn flag-raising ceremony, Lu Yangnuo from Class 1903 presented a speech under the national flag with the theme of "Be an Interesting Person" :

Dear teachers and students,

Good morning, I'm Roy from 1903. I feel honored to have this opportunity to deliver a speech today. The topic of my speech is being an honor interesting person. Being interesting is equally vital as being successful. Candidly, Being interesting is a major advantage in both your personal and professional lives. I'd like to share my story with you And show how you can benefit from your own interests. I have decided to major in economics in university since last year. You may assume that I choose to study economics because I have a family business to inherit or manage in the future. On the contrary, I come from an ordinary family and if you know me well, You definitely know that I'm interested in economics out of pure curiosity and interest. Sometimes, I had to rely on the money borrowed from Alipay when some unexpected extra expenses are needed. Thus, I was often anxious about the repayment of debts and this entirely ignited my interest of personal finance management. After all, I could not rob or steal. However, with the strong desire, I searched for methods to make money and then finally I decided to make an attempt in stock market and use my pocket money to invest. Interests gained from the investment offer me enthusiasm and energy to search for information and find A more suitable solution to my particular problem. As soon As I entered the stock market, I became obsessed with it. I buried myself into a huge number of specialized vocabularies in finance and tried to Understand the trend of the K-curves. I'm interested in these things and I'm confident in manipulating the application of stock trading. This benefited me a lot when I attended a summer camp in Shanghai with outstanding students all over China. In the very beginning, I found I was a nobody compared to those students as I had neither high English proficiency nor a good economic background knowledge. Although I have reasons to hide behind textbooks and see others philosophizing, I didn't shun the group work, Especially when it came to the project of strategies of financial investment in different periods ina business cycle. Later on, I became the leader of the group. It is the power of the interests in economics that push out the horizon of my Knowledge and encourage me to become more confident. Admittedly, my stock yields are not very high, about 12 percent, But it is much better than Newton's performance because he suffered from a huge loss of 20,000 pounds in 1711 and Someone said that this loss equaled to his ten years' salaries. Investment do provide me with lots of pleasure and it allows me to have a better understanding of life. The stock market is cruel, and you can never anticipate the exact price tomorrow. Life is the same. You would encounter setbacks and you may never Know whether you will succeed or not. In our society today much emphasis is placed on looks, sex appeal and being youthful. Many young people spend a disproportionate amount of time working on their outer packages. Rather than being interesting, They go to great lengths to be fashionable and cool as well as making sure they are seen at the latest 'in' places. Sadly, when little or no effort is being made to develop the intellect, or an interesting personality, many good-looking young men and women come across as being flightly and uninformed, As well as self-indulgent and self-indulgent. Cultivating a variety of interests is significant to your life. They can ignite your creativity to solve various problems, distinguish you from your peers and relight your life when you feel desperate. Become someone who has something meaningful to contribute. Not only will you enrich your own life in the process, You will enrich the lives of others. That's the end of my speech. Thanks for listening!