Speech under the flag: goodwill acceptance

Author: Release time:20/05/25

On May 25, Zeng Fanxin, the vice principal of International High School, gave a speech under the national flag this week with the theme of "Kindly Acceptance" :

When the famous writer Liang Xiaosheng explained what culture was, he also said that he hoped every one of us should have the self-cultivation rooted in the heart and the kindness for the sake of others. George Bernard Shaw once said, "Goodness and virtue are what a gem is to metal. They set each other off and enhance the other."

So far, there are "Strange Tales from a Strange Studio" and Buddhist classics, and many other exposition on good deeds and good deeds. In short, all ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, eulogize and call for the goodness of human nature. Today also borrow the topic of kindness, a little deviant and extension, and combined with the helplessness and fatigue of several tests we now every day, talk about a topic of goodwill, called goodwill acceptance.

Regardless of the high school and G1 online classes, or school level 17, up to nearly in June, will feel tired, coupled with the recent interdisciplinary intensive online exam, computer problem solving, mobile monitoring, at ordinary times, also test over the weekend, and emphasize the examination requirements, curriculum classroom teachers hope you score high, feeling the day of the semester this year a bit cannot be passed, Like sick drinking traditional Chinese medicine without disease with a mask, five mixed taste and unbearable suffering. I believe this is the true feeling of all the teachers and students at present.

However, when we say bitter, also do not forget and we have the same identity of other students are also living in such a "hard day", there are even people do not know how many classes a day on earth, do not know what the weekend is, every day is not a unified examination is to adjust the test and simulation test. Also, if your homework is handed in a little late every night, it's not uncommon for your teacher to sit on the computer and review your homework until one or two in the morning.

Some of the facts are really happening around us, and even you have experienced them before. Think of our students junior students senior, or your next-door neighbor. What they are going through right now, these days you are suffering from the tests of various subjects, actually it is just a little bit of suffering. Such a simple contrast, a kind of luck and even schadenfreude happiness hit my mind. So we began to accept and even accept ourselves and everything that was happening, including COVID-19, with goodwill. Happiness is sometimes very simple, life is not easy, too early or too high expectations of years static good, will only decadent your future at the cost of today.

So, after test after test, you can think of it this way:

Exam is a point, life is a line. No one wins everything because of exams, and no one loses his whole life because of exams.

Of course, you can also think of it this way:

Test paper but a piece of paper, the future is a picture, life is everywhere the examination room! Today's assessment I seriously line;

Finally, you can think of it this way:

As long as the heart of the blue sky, tomorrow's sun will rise as usual, I will win well and aboveboard, didn't take the test I will lose willingly; If I have tried my best, still not satisfactory, it must be God has other arrangements, success or failure to turn the head empty, green mountains are still in;

Teachers and students, the light of life is not a clever answer in the examination room or a desperate counterattack after suffering unbearable sufferings, but a calm acceptance, goodwill and acceptance, acceptance of oneself, acceptance of others, acceptance of the present and acceptance of reality.

In the end, we hope that there is no such thing as a futile effort or accidental success. In fact, many inadvertence in life are the natural consequence of suffering unspeakably.